Montessori School For Gifted Children

Concerned and devoted parents may not wish for their young children to be excluded. Perhaps as parents they are lacking in confidence or find themselves having to endure their child’s erratic behavior, not knowing what next to do. They may have vaguely heard that the outcomes based Montessori school concept is for gifted children only. But who is to say that their children are not gifted?

Conventionally speaking, means and aptitude tests can help determine the level of the child’s talents or potential thereof. Of course, it is not always easy to get a child into a Montessori school particularly since classroom numbers are being kept to a minimum, and deliberately so. As with any of the number of unconventional engagements with young students, the child’s montessori sensitive periods do need to be closely and carefully monitored but in a controlled manner.

Whilst the gifted children are allowed to express themselves freely as is their erratic nature, there remains no excuse for truancy or disobedience. The free child will still be taught discipline and how to contain itself in distinguishing between right and wrong. Concerned parents need not feel excluded. All it takes is a single application. Whilst examining the unconventional school’s class descriptions, the happily surprised parent will soon learn that the custodians here have high regards for their children.

montessori sensitive periods

They regard all children as gifted, or at least potentially so. And if it has been perceived that the young child is lacking in talent, he or she will slowly and yet surely be nurtured in a sensitive manner to come out of his or her shell and just be themselves. Yes, every child has his or her gifts. All good parents should see things that way, never lacking in confidence of their children’s abilities.